New beneficiaries to the Direct Express® program now have the opportunity to benefit from a new version of the Direct Express® Mobile App (DX℠), which includes enhanced features developed after feedback from cardholders.

The new version of mobile app adds to the core features of the original and is intended to further empower Direct Express® beneficiaries with safe, secure, mobile access to their accounts. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of Direct Express® beneficiaries own a smartphone.

The new app’s extra features were all suggested by cardholders responding the 2019 Cardholder Satisfaction Survey, which asked specific questions about app usage, intended to drive the development of the kind of enhancements that are now available.

Both versions of the app are available in Apple® or Android® versions, and allow cardholders to:

  • use their smartphones to check balances, view transactions and deposits
  • set alerts for balances and deposits
  • locate nearby ATMs
  • access the PayPerks financial capability platform which teaches safe and efficient ways to use the card

The new app supplements these core features, allowing cardholders to:

  • access a new Card Summary screen
  • change their PIN
  • generate an account statement
  • make card to bank transfers from within the app
  • request a new card
  • temporarily block and unblock a card for security purposes
  • view details of cardholder benefits

The new Direct Express® Mobile App is free and is compatible with new cards (identified by numbers beginning with 5115). The original app, which has a loyal following, will continue to be supported for beneficiaries who have been in the Direct Express® program longer (identified by numbers beginning with 5332).

Both versions of the mobile app can be downloaded from the iTunes® (Apple®)  and Google Play™ (Android™) app stores. Data network usage charges may apply. Fees may also apply for international use.

SOURCE: Direct Express®