As the world takes steps to limit the spread and consequences of the coronavirus, the U.S. Treasury Department is working hard to ensure that the Direct Express® program continues to operate uninterrupted. For the 4.5 million Americans who receive their federal benefit payments on the Direct Express®debit card, they can take comfort in knowing that their benefit payments will still be delivered on time during this global health situation.

Our “business as usual” efforts have been supplemented by a social media campaign to reassure cardholders that their federal benefits are reliable,  secure and can be counted on in any situation. These communications also encourage a focus on family health and well-being and point the way to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which provides important information on the best ways for individuals and families to limit their risk of contracting coronavirus.

Direct Express® customer service call centers remain open but call wait times may be longer than usual, so cardholders are encouraged to use “self-service” options for customer service. Cardholders can access these self-service options by logging into their account online at or through the Direct Express® mobile app. Additionally, cardholders can speak to an automated customer service menu on the phone. The types of self-service options available to cardholders include:

  • Card account balance
  • Pending deposits
  • Recent transactions
  • Report lost/stolen/damaged cards

Direct Express® cardholders can also use their cards to shop for supplies online and on the telephone, limiting the need to be out-and-about.

We will be posting additional information relating to Direct Express® and coronavirus on this website as it becomes available.

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for cardholders.