Electronic payment tools, including network-branded prepaid debit cards such as Direct Express®, can be a target for criminal activity ranging from theft to more sophisticated forms of online fraud.

The use of online payments has been, and continues to be, essential for cardholders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring cardholders have the necessary information to minimize the risk of online card use is critical to their safety. The Direct Express® website contains a comprehensive list of Online and Computer Security Tips that cover these essential areas:

  • Online and Email Safety
  • Virus Protection, Spyware and Firewalls
  • Login Safety and Password Protection
  • Security Savvy Dos & Don’ts
  • Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft and Phishing (including “What is Phishing?”)

The guidance also includes advice on protecting oneself while using an ATM, safeguarding documentation related to Direct Express® card accounts, and what to do if a cardholder suspects they might be the victim of Identity Theft.

The complete guidance can be viewed at https://www.usdirectexpress.com/security_tips.html

SOURCE: Direct Express®