It is estimated that more than 80 percent of Direct Express® beneficiaries own a smartphone.  These Direct Express® cardholders  now have the opportunity to benefit from a new biometric feature of the Direct Express® Mobile App (DX℠) – access to their card account through fingerprint or facial recognition, instead of a typed password.

This new feature was developed after feedback from DX℠ users, garnered from the annual Direct Express® program’s Cardholder Satisfaction Survey. This survey routinely asks specific questions about app usage, intended to drive program improvement and the development of these kind of innovations.  DX℠ users told us they were looking for the safety, convenience and ease that biometric access brings.

The Direct Express® Mobile App is available in Apple® or Android® versions, and allows cardholders to:

  • use their smartphones to check balances, view transactions and deposits
  • set alerts for balances and deposits
  • locate nearby ATMs and cashback locations
  • access the Direct Express® Financial Education Center which provides educational content regarding safe and efficient ways to use the card and manage personal finances
  • access a new Card Summary screen
  • view details of cardholder benefits
  • offers access in both English and Spanish
  • update contact information (email and mobile phone number)
  • access multiple Direct Express® cards if a cardholder has more than one Direct Express® cards

The new biometric access version of the Direct Express® Mobile App is free and is compatible with cards identified by numbers beginning with 533248.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple® App Store  and Google Play™ (Android™).

SOURCE: Direct Express®