Timothy E. Gribben, Commissioner of the US Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, was recently interviewed for a blog post on the Treasury website. The post is part of the Spotlight Innovation Series, which aims to highlight the perspectives of innovative leaders across the federal government.

In the interview, Commissioner Gribben speaks about the need to balance risk with innovation, sharing an example from his time in the private sector that he cites as an influence on his mindset today.

He also discusses the need for an innovative culture that promotes, advances, and sustains innovation and  cites two emerging technology projects at the Bureau that he is particularly interested in  – blockchain for grants payments and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for appropriation warrants.

The full blog can be read below:

Innovation Spotlight: Interview with Tim Gribben, Commissioner, Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Of course, Direct Express®, which is a Bureau of the Fiscal Service program, has innovation at its core. It replaces paper checks with electronic payments and supplements this core service with supporting technologies, including a biometrically accessible smartphone app.  For more on innovation and Direct Express®, visit:

Direct Express®: Innovation and Relevance 

 SOURCE: US Department of the Treasury