The latest survey of Direct Express® cardholders, conducted  in 2022, tracks levels of satisfaction with Direct Express® as a payment option and gauges levels of card usage for specific transaction types (ATM withdrawals, purchases, cash back at point-of-sale etc.).


Satisfaction with the card remains strong with a large majority of cardholders in all subgroups very satisfied. Currently, 91% of all cardholders are satisfied with 71% saying they are very satisfied.

Banked vs. Unbanked

 The survey revealed two-thirds of Direct Express® cardholders are unbanked, and one-third are banked. 33% of banked cardholders is the highest since tracking began in 2009, although the percentage of banked cardholders has been around 30% since 2017.

Feature Awareness

Awareness of all the features of the Direct Express® card remain virtually unchanged compared to last year, with nearly 80% or more being aware of online/phone bill payment, online shopping, ability to purchase groceries and retail items, and that they can use the Direct Express® mobile app.

Cardholder Usage

The annual cardholder research is designed to:

  • Track satisfaction with the Direct Express® card as a payment option;
  • Uncover areas where lack of awareness might inhibit proper card usage;
  • Gauge levels of card usage for specific transaction types such as ATM withdrawals, purchases and cash back at point-of-sale,
  • Understand how cardholders use cash and the prevalence of using cash instead of the card;
  • Understand usage and satisfaction of the Direct Express® mobile app.