The Direct Express® Program puts a great deal of effort into understanding its cardholders. The team conducts an Annual Cardholder Satisfaction Survey, which serves to ensure that the program is on track as well as flag any cardholder needs that haven’t yet been met, to drive future development.

One of the most satisfying elements of the feedback gathered is the personal stories from beneficiaries, in which they explain how the Direct Express® card has affected their lives. With their permission, we have collected and filmed the stories of a number of cardholders and are delighted to share them here. They are so important to us, we have highlighted them on the homepage of this site, and again below, with added context and detail. We hope to publish more video stories as they are developed in the future.

Direct Express® is honored to share the personal experiences of actual beneficiaries, in their own words, to provide a better understanding of how this program meets their needs.