Providing millions of Americans with convenient and safe access to their federal benefits is a mission of the Direct Express® program. In addition to the safe and cost-effective delivery of benefits, the program also provides cardholders with access to financial education through the Direct Express® Financial Education Center!

The Direct Express® program has enabled cardholders to join the financial mainstream by providing a fast, safe distribution of government benefits and sharing the knowledge and tools needed to participate fully in the modern digital economy.

The Direct Express® Financial Education Center empowers beneficiaries with essential education to make informed financial decisions, as well as how to correctly use  their Direct Express® card to better the financial future of families.

Cardholders can access the Financial Education Center through the Direct Express® mobile app or cardholder website, from any computer or mobile device that has internet access. Modules and materials are available in both English and Spanish.

The resource offers a library of topics organized by micro-learning moments within broader topic areas such as:

  • Understanding card accounts
  • Budgeting and saving
  • Privacy and security
  • Credit and debt
  • Elder financial fraud prevention

The custom-designed modules direct cardholders to learn more about smart money choices providing critical information for a stronger financial foundation.

Cardholders can also take advantage of personalized learning recommendations created by their answers to a brief survey. Cardholder responses generate a playlist of educational content relevant to their specific goals.

Capturing cardholder insights of their learning is another added benefit to the education modules. They allow for the continuous improvement of content, with cardholder engagement and goals in mind.

The complete Direct Express® Financial Education Center can be viewed at