Did you know that 40% of American adults cannot afford a $400 emergency expense? For those consumers not prepared for life’s critical moments, the Direct Express® Financial Education Center  is available to empower beneficiaries to find financial stability and practice healthy habits, like saving.

April is Financial Literacy Month, the perfect time for Direct Express® cardholders to take charge of their financial well-being. Access to a variety of topics including, How to Save for an Emergency, During an Emergency are easy to navigate via the modules on the Financial Education Center through the Direct Express® mobile app or Direct Express® cardholder website, from any computer or mobile device that has internet access.

For many Americans, retirement is difficult and challenging to prepare for.  Studies have shown that 56% of American adults don’t know how much they need to retire and 25% of adults have no retirement savings. With the many challenges facing our communities today, Direct Express® prioritizes financial education and knows its importance in building an inclusive financial system. Providing beneficiaries with a prepaid card and financial education help cardholders find financial stability and practice healthy habits, like saving for retirement.

Supporting the well-being of cardholders has never been more important. The new learning category, Mental Well-Being Basics encourages individuals to understand common mental health challenges, when and how to seek help and understand what is mental well-being.

New topics will be added beyond Financial Literacy month to provide fresh financial education topics to engage learners. The complete Direct Express® Financial Education Center can be viewed at www.directexpress.info/financialeducationcenter

SOURCE: Direct Express® Financial Education Center