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Home Ownership – Recent Trends, Tips, and Topics (DEFEC)

New modules available via The Direct Express® Financial Education Center [...]

Resources for Financial Caregivers (Financial Education Center)

It's estimated that over 38 million Americans serve as caregivers.1 [...]

Direct Express® Saves Americans $150 Million Annually (The Greensheet)

Direct Express® Cardholder Savings vs Check-Cashing. In an article for The [...]

New Financial Capability Modules for Financial Literacy Month!

April is Financial Literacy Month! Talking to anyone about money, [...]

New Financial Education Modules for 2023

The Direct Express® Financial Education Center has two new modules [...]

Effective Financial Education: Five Principles and How to Use Them (CFPB)

Our colleagues at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have, [...]

New Financial Education Module – Social Media Scams

The Direct Express® Financial Education Center empowers beneficiaries with education, [...]

The Impact of Inflation on Direct Express® Cardholder Finances

With the highest inflation levels since 1990 and a 6.2% [...]

Financial Capability Month and the Direct Express® Financial Education Center

Did you know that 40% of American adults cannot afford [...]

The Card Works Like a Dream [VIDEO]

We're revisiting some of the videos we made of cardholders [...]

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