April is Financial Literacy Month!

Talking to anyone about money, including family members, can be intimidating, stressful, and uncomfortable. To help with this, Direct Express® cardholders can now prepare for conversations with members of their household through three new financial capability modules available via the Direct Express® Financial Education Center.

  1. Healthy Financial Habits

A survey conducted in 2022 found that 42% of adults in the United States said money negatively impacts their mental health.1 This new module provides information for cardholders on how to live within their means, not spend more than they receive, manage debt, save for emergencies, and prepare for the future including retirement planning for those that may be feeling stress or anxiety around their financial well-being.

The module is available HERE.

  1. Family Conversations About Money

Parents are 22% more likely to list money as a significant source of stress in a recent survey.2 This new module discusses the fact that it is okay to speak frankly about money, and it is important to consider the emotional connection to, and symbolic value that children assign to money when financial issues are discussed.

By reviewing these topics, cardholders can take pride and have confidence when helping their children learn about healthy habits at an early age. For those with aging parents, there is material to encourage conversations take place across generations, to ensure finances are protected and managed responsibly, including advice on maintaining key documents, estate planning and more, in the case of illness.

The module is available HERE.

  1. Budgeting for Families

Nearly half (49%) of parents say that they do not know how to discuss money in ways they think their children would understand and one in four parents never, or almost never, talk to their children about household finances.3

This new module highlights the importance of talking about budgeting with a partner, and as a family, and how doing so can help everyone reach healthy financial goals. This module also discusses the importance of savings, as only about 40% of families have liquid savings equal to three or more months of expenses, and just 28% have more than six months. Though there will never be a perfect time to discuss budgeting within a family, the lessons within this module share tips on how to initiate this important conversation.

The module is available HERE.

These modules are intended to provide practical advice and reassurance for cardholders who can use them to develop healthy habits that increase financial awareness, wellness and reduce stress.

Cardholders can access the new modules via the Direct Express® cardholder website  from any computer or mobile device that has internet access. The Financial Education Center will continue supporting cardholders throughout 2023 by releasing new topics regularly and existing content will be refreshed as needed to provide up-to-date information. Modules and materials are available in both English and Spanish.


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