Direct Express® has dedicated and knowledgeable customer service representatives in place to provide Direct Express® cardholders with support 24/7—helping cardholders keep track of their spending and balances, confirming benefit deposits, explaining the features of their card account, and answering questions of all kinds.  Six in ten cardholders say they call the Direct Express® customer service toll free number at least once a month.

“Direct Express® customer service operators answer nearly half a million calls every month”

The most common reasons cardholders call the customer service line is to check their balance, followed by checking on the status of deposits made on their card.

Direct Express® cardholders have several options when they access the automated system:

  1. Select or change their PIN.
  2. Initiate card to bank transfers.
  3. Report card lost or stolen.
  4. Check their balance.
  5. Hear transaction history.
  6. Check on status of card replacement.
  7. Set up optional services.

The automated system also allows options for callers to speak to a customer service representative.

In addition to answering basic account questions, the Direct Express® customer service center also serves as an important education resource. Most cardholders utilize the customer service center to learn about the features, benefits, and best practices in using their Direct Express® card. This also complements the work of the Direct Express® Financial Education Center.

Customer service support can also be accessed via an online account at

With 9 in 10 cardholders having a mobile phone, many choose to use the DX℠ Mobile App for routine money management, supplementing the functionality of the customer service center.

Cardholder usage of the mobile app will be a focus for a future post on this site.

SOURCE: Direct Express®