Understanding the Direct Express® program requires an appreciation for its scope and geographical reach. From the 379,000 Californians served by the program, through 118,000 South Carolinians, to the 5,000 cardholders in Puerto Rico and every state in between, this vast program serves federal beneficiaries wherever they are.

Number of Cardholders by State (2022)

*In Thousands, accurate to with 1000 plus margin of error

** Puerto Rico has approx. 5,000 cardholders

Regional Breakdown of Cardholder Demographics (2022)

This regional breakdown shows the relative numbers of cardholders, the type of benefits that predominate in each region, the number of representative payees – people appointed to receive the benefits for those that can’t manage or direct the management of their benefits – and the number of cardholders that utilize the Direct Express® DXSM Mobile App to manage their Direct Express® card account.