Recent surveys reveal that an estimated 90 percent of Direct Express® beneficiaries own a smartphone. Since 2015, these cardholders have been able to use the DX℠ Mobile App, for safe, secure, convenient, and portable access to their account information. Earlier this year, a milestone was reached as the millionth cardholder downloaded and set-up the Mobile App!

Smartphones have a particular importance for Direct Express® beneficiaries. Our annual survey  tells us that smartphones are often the only way cardholders can access the internet. Direct Express® accounts can be accessed online via the cardholder website, but the Mobile App is widely considered an easier and more convenient way for beneficiaries who wish to track their balance and account activity.

Evolving Utility

Since the 2015 launch of the DX℠ Mobile App, several enhancements have increased its usefulness, convenience, and safety.

In December 2021, a new version of the Mobile App was made available to new cardholders. The new Direct Express® Mobile App is compatible with newer cards. The original app, which has a loyal following, will continue to support beneficiaries already enrolled in the Direct Express® program.

At the same time, Biometric Access was added to the app, allowing cardholders to access their card account through fingerprint or facial recognition, instead of a typed password. This new feature was developed after feedback from DX℠ users, garnered from the annual Direct Express® Cardholder Satisfaction Survey.

This year, a number of new features and conveniences have been incorporated, which we wrote about HERE.

High Levels of Satisfaction

Beneficiaries who have downloaded the DX℠ Mobile App noted their near-universal satisfaction in our annual cardholder survey. In the years since the
app was launched, it has earned a 4.6-star rating on the Google Play store—a higher score than some of the most famous apps such as Facebook (3.2) and Snapchat (4.1). It also has a 4.7 rating on the Apple Store.

The Mobile App can be downloaded from the Apple® App Store  and Google Play™ (Android™).